Boy and Girl

Raising a

boy and girl

is a special challenge

in this

day and age

when people still

don’t understand that

they were both

created equally

within me.

© Melissa Calderon-Rougié, 2018




She lives on nothing but
effervescent daydreams,
continuously riding the shoreline
between reality and the sea
I keep trying to catch her,
but honestly,
the wildest things
are simply better left free.

© Melissa Calderon-Rougie, 2018


There were days I felt
nothing but this anger
inside me, bubbling
like hot water scalding
me internally; and
no matter how many times
I turned off the kettle,
it just kept boiling.

© Melissa Calderon-Rougié 2018

like flint

every time

you look at me

and the words

“you can’t”

fall out of your mouth

they collide like flint

striking each other

causing a flame to ignite

inside my gut; so please

continue to tell me

that i cannot do something

and i will show you

how a flame turns into

a full blown forest fire

blazing through

your doubts as they

go up in smoke.

© Melissa Calderon-Rougié, 2018

lovers that have no home

where do the sad ones go,

the lovers that have no home?

i found you there

lost among thickets of

discarded fantasies and

starlight that twists

through the night air,

you spoke softly and

blew whispers like dandelions

in my ear, telling me to

take your hand and trust you.

well i did and we ran around

breathless under the foliage,

laughing like schoolchildren,

two lovers so high off each other

i never wanted to come down.

but you left,

and i was forced to

swallow the remnants of my dreams.

i suppose (hope) you found a home,

but i’m still searching.

© Melissa Calderon-Rougié, 2018


what will you become
with this
haphazard way
of flitting
from one person
to the next
like a hummingbird
rummaging flowers
for that
sweet nectar
and they offer it up
growing affections
for a transient
who is more concerned
with feeding
his own hunger
to notice
how empty it leaves them
when will you accept
it’s a selfish
way to live
& when will you learn
the whole world
is not your garden


Words and photography © Melissa Calderon-Rougié, 2018.