Jolie coeur.

How quickly this began unfurling in front of me,
Took me by the seat of my pants,
Like a rollercoaster moving at 120 mph,
That whips you back and forth, head over heels.
Scary at first, but that’s just how love is
When it grabs hold and slaps you in the face.
As in that morning after, lying beside your body
That smelled of cigarettes and musk.
I love the calluses upon your hard-working hands,
They portray the vigor with which you create things.
A man who loves his work and who loved me passionately
Into the night, and there I felt it:
Rapid-fire crazed desire,
Emotion and life,
Sweaty palms followed by whispers of madness.

You breathed new life into me.

Deadened by a past wrought with pain and heartbreak,
Awakened by the newness and passion in you.



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