For a lot of my life, writing has been my therapy and outlet; though I haven’t always had time to dedicate to it, I find myself coming back. Pen and paper call to me; it’s a comforting endeavor I could always return to, like re-reading my favorite book.

When I was in the 2nd grade, I wrote a poem about bunnies and my mom was so proud she printed it out and hung it on the wall. In a frame. On pink paper. Moms, right? Well, it was no masterpiece, though she certainly thought it was. However, it did mark the beginning of a very quiet lady with a very loud pen. Since then, I’ve been writing on and off, accumulating several notebooks of poems, prose, random quotes. Sometimes personal, and sometimes they don’t reflect my life at all – merely the outcome of inspiration from what I see, hear, read, or people I meet.

Other things I’d like to share: I’m a first generation Peruvian-American who lives in New York; a pastry chef by trade; a wife to the most supportive and hardworking husband; and a mother to the tiniest miracle, my daughter. My little family is the gust of wind beneath my literary wings.

Most of what I currently write is poetry, but I also write short stories and hope to one day put together a novel. Thanks for stopping by and reading, follow me if you’d like to keep up! I hope my work resonates with some of you.

– Melissa C.R



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