the ground begged for rain
like a desert land pining for hydration,
it desired to be drowned in it,
to swirl in its wetness;
i too, have prayed
to drench myself in you,
but like the rain
in the billowing clouds above
you come down long after the drought,
when i have all but dried up
and collapsed.




Somewhere between dusk and my last shattered heart, I found myself: a shivering child in dire need of affection and a comforting shoulder to rest on. Forsaken by others, by her own damn self; bathed in whiskey in lieu of love—placating a tremendous compulsion to self-destruct. I picked her up and we embraced, she felt like metal in my arms, having carried the weight of a whole existence. Floating in a deluge of our tears through the gloaming hours of night, we came to acceptance; it is during these moments of self-discovery that past and present unite.


Not Far Enough

through the darkest tunnel
in the trebled forest,
onto the furthest point
by the horizon barely known,
where moon and sun set;

then south,
under layers of heat and pressure,
many tectonic plates
below the earth’s surface

here is where I buried
the memory of us